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Organization of Black Screenwriters (OBS)
Pilot Competition
Deadline Entry Fee
July 31, 2003 $30
Award: cash prizes
Other Awards/Prizes: Cash, Winning pilot scripts to be read by major production companies and top talent agencies (UTA, Edmonds Entertainment, UPN, Disney, Fox TV), and winners in each genre will receive a Professional Table Reading.
OBS is giving a chance to get that hilarious sit-com or gripping drama on television.
Notification Date:   TBA

Eligibility: See website.

Pilot submissions must consist of a "presentation," "prospectus," or "leave behind" containing
the following elements:
A. A title page including the title of the series, and the name, address, phone number, and
e-mail address of the writer(s)-submitter(s).
B. A summary of the basic idea behind the show, including the setting, theme, profession,
C. A summary of the main continuing characters, their background and appearance,
personalities, and their interaction.
D. A script of the first episode not to exceed 40 pages if itís a Sit-com or 60 pages if itís a
E. A short list of possible episodes with enough different stories to show that the series will
be viable week to week
All material must be the property of the writer(s)-submitter(s). It must be original work created
by the writer(s)-submitter(s) and never before have been optioned, sold, or produced in any
form or medium.
The writer(s)-submitter(s) may be a member of the Writers Guild of America but must never
have optioned, sold, or produced an original television series or television series pilot and
must not have served as writer(s) for hire on any material that has been broadcast or
scheduled for future broadcast as a pilot.
The writer(s)-submitter(s) must have copies of the material being submitted, and agrees not to
hold OBS and/or their employees and representatives responsible should loss of the
submitted material occur.

Web Address:
Contact & E-mail: Wayne French
Contact Title: President
Organization: OBS Pilot Competition
1968 Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
United States
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