Ladder 49's Billy Burke Set for 'Retirement'
By Jon Knutson of Corner Stone Pictures
Nov 30, 2004, 10:02

Sherman Oaks, CA -- Corner Stone Pictures Corporation today announced that Billy Burke (Ladder 49) has signed to play the romantic lead in Corner Stone's upcoming film "Retirement," a comedy about four grumpy old men going on a road trip. Director Charlie Picerni and casting agent Jackie Burch cast Burke as the lovable slacker Billy Simpson -- a decision based partially on the laconic nature of the comedy in "Retirement."

"Billy is an exciting actor who is perfect for the part of "Billy" in this comedy," said Picerni. "He brings the exact type of nonchalant humor we were looking for in this pivotal role."

Corner Stone is also in talks with Jack Warden, George Segal, Ossie Davis and Rip Torn for the roles of the four grumpy old men who must go on a road trip to attempt to prevent one of their daughters from marrying the wrong guy.

Picerni will be working with Director of Photography Tom Priestley (Surviving Christmas, Barbershop, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Thomas Crown Affair), production will begin Feb 2005.

The feature length film "Retirement" is a comedy written by newcomers Michael Pietrzak and Jon Warner. The film is being produced by Michael Pietrzak and will be filmed in Florida's South Beach, New Orleans and Las Vegas.

Billy Burke's manager is Ellen Meyer and is represented by CAA. Pietrzak and Warner are represented by attorney Mark Litwak.

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