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Writers Network Screenplay Compeition Announces Finalists

By Writers Network
Jan 23, 2006, 09:12

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The 12th Annual Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition finalists have been announced:


Adam by Max Mayer
Buy the Sky by Stanley L. Ray
Dick Cavett Ruined My Life by Craig Sherman
The Spartan by D. Jay Williams
The Sundown Girl by Mark Pearson
Time Out of Mind by Douglas Schofeld
The Wraith Wrangler by Stuart Paul


Allen, Deborah – Gripped
Amerling, Aaron – Without a Trace: Redundant System
Anna, Lis – Bankers
Blackman, Steve & Romale, John – Jumper Ninety-Nine
Brennan, Thomas – The Arbiter
Brenner, Constance – A Family Dream
Carroll, Traci – Consequence
Crawford, Kevin – Red Sky Morning
Crawford, Pat – Hysterical
Dahl, Mike – Trespass
Dalrymple, Charles – Penance
Diether, John – Capitol Crimes
Drummond, Rob – Forget Henderson
Duda, Greg – Fire and the Moths
Duda, Greg – Golem
Elsey, Michael – And Now For My Next Trick
Farrington, Glenn – The Rig
Floyd, Hud – Look the Other Way
Flynn, Jay & Oliver, Kaenan & Dominic – Article 133
Franklin, Edward – Love By Design
Frazier, Jacqueline – Ezili’s Necklace
Gallicano, Todd – Stealing Juliet
Glover, Allen – The Unkindness of Ravens
Green, Leslie & Michael – Lesser of Two Evils
Harrington, Denis – Honor Thy Father
Harrington, Denis – The Exodus Factor
Horowitz, Josh – Tears From My Mind’s Eye
Incacrdine, Linda - Aroma
James, Michael – Redial
Johnson, Rebekah – The Engagement
King, Lori – Murder Ballad
Kliburn, Matthew – End of the Road
Koontz, Kory – Reading Between the Signs
Kriegsman, Michael – Outward Bound
Kriegsman, Michael – The Penitent
Krueger, Mary Ellen - Insight
Leiberman, Dave – Above the Divine
Loch, Charles – Who’s Beside You Now?
Malenfant, Rob – Confessions at Desert Fangs
Marcantonio, Patricia – The Crying Woman
Marshall, Bart – Siren Song
Marshall, Bart – Vengeful Death
Martell, Paul – Insanity Plea
Mayer, Max – Adam
Mayer, Max – Present Tense
McCauley, Dane – Murder in Mind
McGeever, Mike – Smilers
Melville, Arthur – The Tragedy of R & J
Milano, William – The Nun’s Kiss
Milin, Gary – Man With a Gun
Miller, Brian – Astronaut
Misiolek, Michael – The Gunner’s Daughter
Motter, Tim – Ordinary God
Osteika, Barbara – The Neighbor
Paul, Stuart – The Wraith Wrangler
Pearson, Mark – The Sundown Girl
Philpott, Chris – The Scottish Play
Popora, Gary – The War on Peace
Prendergast, Gabrielle – Strange Meeting
Pucillo, Rocco & Roberts, Michael – Operas and Assassins
Rawlinson, Simon – Within the Rocks
Ray, Stanley – Buy the Sky
Richter, Chris – Entanglement
Riggs-Bergesen, Catherine – A Fine Cruelty
Rose, Chuck – Hunting Einstein
Royea, Juli King – I’ll Remember You
Sakai, Koji & Dao, Joseph – Skyy
Schofield, Douglas – Time Out of Mind
Shemin, Craig – Dick Cavett Ruined My Life
Simpson, Cathy – Sentient
Sipos, Thomas – Manhattan Sharks
Skibski, Anita – Mine
Smith, Andrew – Spitting Image
Smith, Melvin – Flick
Sparks, Steve - Ascension
Sylla, Tom – San Francisco
Taylor, David – Strikers, Monsters & Pelagro
Turner, Richard – The Afterdeath
Turville, Jane – The Key to Proteus
Watson, Joanne – Without a Trace: Asylum
Wells, Tim – Itsy-bitsy Spider
Williams, D. Jay – The Spartan
Wright, Hilary - Hysterical

Contest info: Writers Network Screenplay Competition

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