By John C. Lyons
Jul 19, 2005, 11:56

After successful test screenings in Chicago, Cleveland, and Erie and 400+ packing in for its two-day premiere weekend, the independent film Hunting Camp has begun to hit the film festival circuit, and Lyons Den Productions would like to announce its availability in a special 2-disc DVD/CD set! The 2-disc set has been getting rave reviews from sources such as The DVD-Laserdisc Newsletter, DVD Future, DVD Verdict, and many more!

DISC 1 contains the 38 minute short film, several features including outtakes, behind the scenes footage, and an informative production gallery, plus four hidden features as well! DISC 2, is a full length soundtrack produced by Diecaster Studios and showcasing some of the PA/NY regionís hottest indie bands! Interested persons can view the trailer and soundtrack promos at the filmís official website here.

Whether you are a fan of low budget cinema, movies with a twist, or a filmmaker yourself, now is the time to order Hunting Camp because rumor has it that a special 3rd DISC containing BOGO a new short film from Lyons Den Productions will be included within random mailers for a limited time starting the week of July 4th, 2005! Hunting Camp is available online at

Genre: Independent/Drama

Tag Line: two men. two lives. one deadly secret.

Synopsis: A story of deception, lies, and betrayal. Jake (George Petrus) decides to take Steve (Trevor Huster) up on his offer to spend a weekend away at a hunting camp with the hope of putting his past behind him. During the course of their stay we learn that not all is as it seems and their journey takes a fatal turn. Karen Jeffreys (as Susan) and Rodney Simba Masarirambi (Trevor) round out the supporting cast in this short from director John C. Lyons.


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