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Mar 10, 2016, 20:11

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Filmmakers Global Movie Trailer Festival

Call For Entries!

The Global movie trailer, movie teaser, or movie preview may be for any project and used to promote said project at any stage including, but not limited to, conceptual, developmental, pre-production, production, post-production or completed work. It may represent a fictional feature film or video movie, TV Movie or television show, TV series, short film trailers, or documentary, book (complete, incomplete, published, or un-published) e-book, multimedia project, educational video, music video, or a web series The movie trailer, movie teaser or movie preview may also promote an upcoming historic you want the world to know about.

Movie Trailer Festival Award
Filmmakers, moviemakers, artists, use the movie trailer to generate exposure! Build and grow a loyal fan base! Secure financial support from potential investors or sponsors. Use it as a pitch. Whatever your creative reason is, Filmmakers Global Movie Trailer Festival can be your ally in getting you closer to the dream.


The best overall movie trailer (promoting a movie, short films, book, new media project, etc) will be awarded

The Emerging Artist Award, "Trophy" for Best trailer of the Year.

Promoted to distribution companies worldwide.

Post on the home page of Filmmakers for a period of 3 months and then moved to the festivals winners page, where it will be promoted for an additional 9 months.
Top 5 winning movie trailers, be it international movie trailer, or from the domestic movie trailers, will be promoted worldwide.

Top ten movie trailers will receive

An Emerging Artist Certificate of Achievement Award (digital format).
Promoted and posted on the filmmakers website's movie trailer festival winners page.


First qualification round for the Filmmakers Global Movie Trailer Festival: July 31st.

Filmmakers Global Movie Trailer Festival


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