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21 Day Film Competition
By Project Twenty1
Oct 6, 2006, 12:00

If you're a filmmaker and want to participate in the Project Twenty1 Film Competition and Festival, visit website to pre-register for the October 15, 2006 Team Sign Up Date

Project Twenty1 is a contest where 21 Teams will have 21 days to make the best short films and animations they can based on a common “Element”.

For more information, visit their website.

Oct. 15th - At 12:00am, Official Team Registration begins! The first 21 Teams to sign up and pay the entry fee on the site will be our Participants!

Nov. 11th - Launch Event (Location TBD): Learn what the required "Element" will be and start filmmaking!

Dec. 2nd - Drop Event (Location TBD): Hand in your films!

Dec. 4th - Screening #1 (International House): Red Group @ 7:00pm, Blue Group @ 9:30pm.

Dec. 5th - Screening #2 (International House): Blue Group @ 7:00pm, Red Group @ 9:30pm.

Jan. 24th - "Best of" Screening (International House): The top 10-12 films get an encore screening! Project Twenty1 Awards Ceremony and Wrap Party occurs.

International House (University of Penn)
37th and Chestnut


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