Random Acronym announces production of 'Sleep'
By Mike Collier
Oct 1, 2006, 20:40

Michael Collier of Random Acronym Entertainment is pleased to announce the companies latest production, 'Sleep'.

As testament to the power of the internet, Mike has gotten all support through various web portals. To that end we will be producing a series of video production journals, starting late October. A blog is up now, documenting the production, and allowing for conversation between Random Acronym and all departments. It is intended to be a very public process, to give insight to other ultra-low budget film makers.

Sleep is a psychological thriller that examines the decaying sanity of Karren Kessler, and the mystery surrounding the stalker that follows her every move. It is a completely local production, and seeks to show the world what Random Acronym and Alaska has to offer to the filmmaking community.

Four months ago, a call for submission was put out on various internet sites. Of over 200 short films submitted from all over the world, Ben Clarke's 'Sleep' rose to the top of the pack. Ben has been writing for film for only a brief period and I believe 'sleep' was one of his first scripts. Still it was competing against writers who had several produced works to their credit, some with decades of good film titles under their belts. In the end Sleep was chosen to be the best.

It accomplishes in one intense act what feature length films struggle to do in three. It also has a twist ending that rivals many longer form films endings. It should be a strong competitor on the film community around the world. Principle photography will start October 21. Locations include the local hospital and beautiful Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage.

Mike Collier- Producer, Director, Director of Photography
Bryant Mainard - Co-Director, Casting Director
Kyle Johnston - Line Producer
Michael Bergstrom - Producer, Key Grip
Nick Swann - Location Photography


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