“Insufficient Funds Vol.1” by VERCE
By Hip Hop Summit
Jan 17, 2008, 03:40

What does Verce and Tupac have in common? A cd that you can play all the way through without pushing fast forward.

Verce learned the meaning of loyalty, survival and grind watching his older cousins and uncles living the fast life on the grimy streets of Muskegon Heights, Michigan (also known as “Tha Murda Mitten”). Verce, however, had a different vision.

Verce first started performing at the age of eleven. His mother, Theresa (Dirti) Byrd is a legendary rapper who was known for her excellent performance. She was a big influence in Verce’s life. His first show was with Dirti Byrd as she opened for Laface Recording Artist Darnell Jones. The incredible crowd response was validation to what his mother already knew…….. Verce was a star!

At age 11 Verce found his passion for music and decide this was his life. Verce and his cousins Carlos, Jermain, and Lamont created a group called The Eastside Ballers which later became known as The Dynamiks (made up of only Verce and Carlos). Verce performed in many talent shows and festival in the parks, building his fan base.

Striving to become a success artist herself, Verce’s mother moved the family to Tacoma, W.A. where Verce and Dirti Byrd teamed up to rocked many concerts and tours leaving screaming fans grabbing and asking for autographs. Verce ascended to the top of the rap game by opening for Major-label Artists such as David Banner, Kurupt, E-40, The Roots, and Field Mobb.

Verce had already proven himself as a great performer and his success led him to being featured on several underground mixtapes which created a huge buzz in the streets. Because of his ability to get in and out of the booth which is hard for most artist, producers Verce has worked with in the past has often gave him nicknames such as “Mr. One Take.” Verce says, “I grew up going in and out the studio watching my momma kill shows so this ain’t nothing new, there’s so much talent in the fam it’s like it runs in our blood”.

Now, he is working on his own soon-to-be released mixtape, “Insufficient Funds Vol.1”. On it, are featured Hood Anthems such as “B.P.B.M.”(Brown Paper Bag Money), WATCH MY MONEY and ROCKSTAR”. His ability to observe and adapt to any crowd has helped him create a very diverse Mixtape that will capture the attention of Hip Hop fans everywhere.

After recently moving to Atlanta, Verce claims the city as his last stop before success. This humble but yet very hungry artist is determined. He says, “Growing up I was showed if you don’t grind, you don’t eat, and even if I get full, I’m still going to grind cause I’m greedy, lol”.

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