SoundHound Sets The Audio Mood For Hilarious Promo Campaign For Spike TV's Video Game Awards
By Ray Ecke
Feb 21, 2007, 16:13

SoundHound Sets The Audio Mood For Hilarious
Promo Campaign For Spike TV's Video Game Awards
Award-Winning Sound Designer/Engineer Frank Cabanach
Creates Note Perfect Convention Center Ambience

New York, NY - Senior audio engineer/sound designer Frank Cabanach of SoundHound, the award-winning audio house specializing in sound design, audio post and original music for advertising, cable television and multimedia projects, completed work on a hilarious seven-spot campaign for Spike TV and their coverage of the 2006 Video Game Awards. The campaign, which centers on the petty debates and arguments among attendees at a fictional video game convention, was mixed in Dolby SurroundSound.

For Cabanach, the spot "Fight" presented the biggest creative challenge because in thirty-seconds the audio environment needed to seamlessly transition from a crowded convention center to a packed boxing arena.

In the spot two sexy, leather-clad ladies at the convention bump into each other accidentally. As dirty looks ensue, the nerdy male attendees' mouths water as they egg them on - first to fight then to kiss.

"I worked closely with Spike Creative Director/Executive Producer Maria Pecoraro and Producer Kelli Garahan, and from the outset we knew the audio was going to play a huge role in the success of the campaign," says Cabanach. "We needed to create this big convention-center-type environment, and because it was a video game conference it needed a vast array of videogame sounds - as if hundreds of people are playing different videogames at the same time. I mixed in SurroundSound so I was able to take different elements - retro video game sounds, current audio from video games, etc - and build an environment with a lot of depth."

New hilarious seven-spot campaign for Spike TV by SoundHound
Working from the original source audio from the shoot, Cabanach sampled various videogames - from retro Pac Man-type sounds to modern ones - to create the pastiche of sounds of a gaming convention.

"The 'Fight' spot was a little more tricky because it transitions from the convention center to a big boxing arena," said Cabanach. "It needed to be subtle yet distinct. It took a little time to tweak it and get the pace right, but I think the effect adds a lot to the comedy of the spot."

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Creative Credits:
Client: SPIKE TV
Project: Video Game Awards promo campaign

Agency/Production: Spike TV, New York, NY
Creative Director/Executive Producer: Maria Pecoraro
Director: Aaron Stoller
Producer: Kelli Garahan

Audio Post: SoundHound, New York, NY
Sound Design/Audio Engineer: †Frank Cabanach
Editorial/Post: The Whitehouse, New York, NY

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