Legendary group Eric Quincy Tate reaches new milestone on Emphasis Records
By Charlotte Hannon
Mar 10, 2007, 17:47

Eric Quincy Tate "Thirty Seven"
On September 9, 2006, EQT members (Donnie McCormick, Tommy Carlisle, David Cantonwine, Wayne 'Bear' Sauls) performed a 37th Anniversary show at Northside Tavern in Atlanta. The recordings on the new album are historic, and capture the band true to form. The release contains 13 tracks, 78 minutes of electrifying -- classic EQT. The band performed for a full house of excited fans. The evening was very special and magical. There was also a fireworks display held outside the venue in celebration of the band's thirty seven year mark.

Producer Stevie Hawkins states: "Personally, I am very honored to have been asked to produce EQT's new album and furthermore, to join the ranks of former EQT producers Tom Dowd, Jerry Wexler, Tony Joe White, Paul Hornsby and Sonny Limbo. Georgia music history has been shaped and defined by many artists over the decades. For 37 years, Eric Quincy Tate has been a contributor not only to the musical heritage of the State of Georgia, but on a broader scale, America's heritage. In fact, the band and their music are global. EQT is one of the founding bands of the Macon, GA - Southern Rock movement in the very early 1970s. The band members remain humble, are innovators, masters of their instruments, and remain original in their musical compositions, sound, and in style."

The members of EQT have continually inspired generations of musicians young and old, as well as always giving their all from the heart to their audiences during public performances. The band entertains, connects with their audience, performs music people can feel, with melodies and lyrics people relate to. This is in part, why once a fan of Eric Quincy Tate , "a person remains one".

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