Acclaim Announces Feature and TV Contest Winners
By Acclaim
Feb 23, 2009, 09:33

Ursula Hollman's SUCK has been named the winner of hte Fall/Winter 2008 Acclaim Screenwriting Coemptition:

SUCK by Ursula Holloman (drama)
A shy girl's obsession with a reckless musician plunges her into the nascent punk scene of San Francisco, 1977, and launches her on an unlikely quest to win back the daughter she lost long ago.

QUAD by Eric Mather (drama)
A quadriplegic with a criminal past runs for a seat on the L.A. city council.

THE KNUCKLEBALLER by Michael L. Murphy (drama)
An obscure minor leaguer overcomes his war injuries to become a rookie sensation when he knuckleballs Cleveland to a shot at the 1948 World Series.

TOUCANS OF THE AMAZON by Donna Lisa (animation/family)
When a flock of rowdy, fun-loving toucans causes mayhem in the Amazon bird world, they're banished to the dangerous lower forest where a clever, outcast female must lead them against an army of evil night creatures.

MEET ME IN THE MORNING by Mike Lukaszewicz (drama)
A sweet, middle-aged Bob Dylan stalker befriends a group of carefree college kids partying their way around the country in an RV.

REVENGE by Andrew Crane (drama)
A man takes revenge on the childhood bullies that he blames for ruining his life.

NORTH OF HERE by Kurt Smith (drama)
After losing a loved one, a man's grief takes him from the edge of sanity to a spiritual awakening.

BODHISATTVA by Annita Pieroni (adventure/mystery)
A reporter involved in a Russian conspiracy, an eccentric archeologist, and a psychic kid are caught in a web of different times and worlds to save the missing Romanov children and Rasputin.

KING'S HEART by Svilen Kamburov (drama)
The true story of a king who risks everything to defy Nazi Germany and make his country the only nation in Europe to save its entire Jewish population.

THE VIGIL AUNTIES by Andrew Bailey Fumento (action/comedy)
When a city finds itself under siege, two female police officers come out of retirement to avenge an attack on their nephews.

THE SIGNERS by Deana Costner (family)
Six flag-burning high school seniors are sentenced "to learn" patriotism in Philadelphia.

UNTIL THE END by E. Renee Heiss and Bernadette Bonanno (supernatural drama)
As the target of both murderous acts and kindly assistance, a young heiress must sort out the real from the supernatural, the greed from the benevolence and the deceit from the love.

TWO MEN OF KENYA by Pamela J. Wylie (history/drama)
An African nationalist and an idealistic white businessman try to stop the Mau Mau uprising.

THE PORNovski BROTHERS by Rick Halpern & David Bertoni (comedy)
DANA'S INFERNO by Andrew Bailey Fumento (horror)
KHENG KHENG CROCODILE by Donna Lisa (animation/family)
LITE IN THE HEIGHTS by Jim Falzone (drama) MISSING PERSON by Andrew Crane (drama)
CASTING STONES by Hart Shorn (adventure)
ROCOCO by Lyda Phillips & Susan Marya Baronoff (romantic comedy)
EXIT 13 by Dan Loschack (drama/action)

THE BUMBA KING by James Mulcock & Mike Lukaszewicz (comedy)
EXPOSURE by Mark Lukens (horror)
SMOKATHON by David Records (comedy)
ROCK PAPER SCISSORS by Leo Lo (comedy)
YOUR LIFE: THE MOVIE by Mike Wech (supernatural thriller)
IT'S YOUR LIFE by Todd Cerveris (comedy)
SPACE RACE by Eric W. Carlson (family)

Contest info: Acclaim Film Screenplay Contest

Acclaim TV has announced the TV Contest winners for Fall/Winter 2008:


SHIFTING GEARS by Sarah Newman (pilot; drama)
A young female race car driver receives a second chance behind the wheel, but she'll have to learn to balance the world of racing and her small-town family life.

THE CONFESSION by Jim Macak (MOW; drama)
A female attorney teams up with a young cop on a disability leave with AIDS to clear a mentally handicapped man of a murder charge.

CARDIAC CARE by A.J. Devlin (pilot; comedy)
After suffering a heart attack, a high strung basketball coach joins a monthly crew in a cardiac care program.

TRIBES by Michael D. Zungolo (pilot; drama)
Instability and paranoia invade two communities when a farmland is occupied by a cult.

TWO HARBORS by Jim Macak (pilot; drama)
A deputy, still reeling from a bitter divorce, seeks a haven for her two boys in an isolated community on Catalina Island.

SIDES by Jennifer Bogush (pilot; comedy-drama)
Seven aspiring actors try to realize their dreams in New York.


"Past Imperfect/Future Conditional"
Hank returns to the Big Apple to meet with a publisher and is offered a huge advance for his next work--provided he stay in New York.

DEXTER by Charlie Robinson
"Hunters and Gatherers"

30 ROCK by Devanshi Patel
"No Soap Radio"

"Baby Bumps"

BOSTON LEGAL by Kathy Lange
"Golden Shower?"

"The Gang Goes Too Far"

Contest info: ACCLAIM TV

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