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1st TV Writing Competition


1st TV Script Writing Competition Announces
Qualifiers In The First Round


Hollywood, CA -- Filmmakers are pleased to announce the qualifiers in the first round of the 1st TV Script Writing Competition. The Competition attracted a total of 678 entries worldwide.

THE QUALIFIERS IN ROUND ONE ARE: (in alphabetical order)

#RealtorLife by Dublin Wahlberg
(s)QUANTICO:(e)ARTICHOKE by Leslie Lyshkov
24 Hour Deadline by Argelia Garza
A Family on Ice by Kemp Pawlowski
A Lethal Dosage by Kehlani Geiger
A Matter of Degree by Melissa Neiman
A Moving Target by Cecile Fletcher
Actor for Hire by King Shade
All Dressed and Ready to Go by Louisa Rubin
All My Friends Are Gay by Raul Martin and Martin Romero
American Giants by Michael Chandler
American Identity by Fred Peterson
An Angel Whispers by Jeremy Storey
Angel Connect by Demelza Suber
Apolo 3000 by Titan Knutson
Bad News, Inc. by Alice Noble
Bait and Bite by Jordan Osborne
Baking Nines by Brenda Snow
Battlestar Olympus by Vivian Bellohar
Being Misty by Damani Thies
Being Myself by Alexa Price
Billions - A Friendly Takeover by Leonel Comer
Billions - Free Money by Kamden Woodall
Billions - ID Tag Switch by Melanie Snowdon
Billions - Rules Made To Be Ignored by Atlas Boston
Billions - The 10 Billion Dollar Bonus by Joseph Kahn
Billions by Sterling Guevara
Blood Cycle by Ezequiel Low
Bob & Hope by Catherine King
Born in LA: Dolls and All by Marlene Sharp
Born to Tease by Crew Harp
Brand Artist by Jameson Laplante
Breakfast at Five (pilot) by Annabel Peres
Broken Doors by Erica Montalbano
Broken Window by Tana Eckstein
Call Me Max by Kamara Hobard
Chasing Rose by Avalynn Begay
Choose Life by Kieth Belisle
Clear Your Calendar by Samuel Jacobs
Cocktail Hour by Emberlei Janke
Crossroads in the Valley by Noor Prather
Crush Landing by Lelia Collier
Dance Home by Raphael Anderson
Dead Mountain by Arjun Needham
Debt Consolidation by Krystin Carreon
Deep Space Mysteries by Christopher Berry
Delayed Payment by Gamaliel Renfrow
Devil for a Week by Chia Lima
Diagnoses Critical by Timon Fleury
Diagnoses DOA by Filiberto Belk
Distant Memory by Grey Driver
Doctor Storm by Lilith Fisher
Down and Out in NY by Jacki Rosenberg

Dragons Lair by Andrew lehmann
Dream Circle by Casen Eggleston
Dream Hub by Jayce Strother
Dream Stop by Vertie Casas
EMERGENCY PSYCHIATRIC SERVICE-EPS Pilot "NORMAL" by Chris C. Emmons, Michael Miceli, Holly Scarabosio
Empty Nest by Candice Henderson
ESL by Douglas Sorensen
Fake News by Melissa Francis
False Sense of Security by Rey Trask
Fargo - Setup Con by Lucas Friend
Fargo by Leo Darling
Father Knows by Elizabeth Sanchez
Fearless Princess by Brant Buehler
Flash Light by Nina May
Florida Land by Jennifer Stone
Games People Play by Jeremy Cho
General for Life by Ramon Long
Gillian Got game by Dalary Koenig
Grave Diggers by Aaron Morales
Greek Surf by Jeanmarie Fenrich
Guardian Angel by David Isaac Samuels
Headcase by Chris Jones
Heartland - Golden Shadows by Theodore Munkin
Heartland - Unwelcome Visitor by Clyde Zepher
Heavy Hearts by Abram Hollenbeck
Hell Tour by Narcisa Farr
Hgher Land by Rashid Rogers
Hire a Con (Con for Hire) by Zia Money
Hollywood Night by Franklin Lauer
Homeland - The Tristate Fix by Jayceon Bermudez
Hope Alive by Zane Martinez
Hope Rise of A Hero by Holly Barrett
Hummer Driver by Greg Boyer
In the Beginning by Boomer Moralez
Insurrection by Simon Bowler
Isolation Room by Tom Samuelson
Jacob and Jaden Unlock the World by Eric A Walters
Jane Eyre ~ Episode One ~ Gateshead by Alicia Walters
Jerusalem by Michael FINE
John & Meryl (Pilot), a limited series by Jimmy Prosser
King of the Burbz - Pilot by Joshua Fagan
Kissing Frogs by Adriana Duncan
Late Payment by Melania Stricklin
Later Dude by Vincent Ashe
Leave Nothing Behind by Bethany Bond
Life Changing Decisions by Pierre Fisher
Life Choices by Tristan Rhoades
Life Options by Emmett Loving
Love to Try by Dona Romaro
Maine Elementrary Levi McGrath
MANIA' by Greg Mania
Marching Band by Cayden Cureton
Marked by Leah Pollack

Married Without Children by Langston Chu
Meet the One by Emmalynn Rudd
Melville by Jeremy Storey
Membership Club by Lowell Nuss
Memberships by Ahmed Colley
Midnight Caper by Stephanie Stephanie Berkshire
Modern Family - Kind Love by Veda Champion
Modern Family - Simple Girl by Hadleigh Lassiter
Modern Relationships by Holland Hawk
Money Marathon by Pedro Flores Martin
Moon Gazing by Caden Barrows
Mr. Robot - The Power Spender by Luca Alfaro
Mr. Robot by Lukas Gallo
Murder M for More? by Ted Hanson
My Secret Love by Averie Abbott
Net News - Pilot Script by John T Georgopoulos
Network More by Zed Smith
No Dress Code by Augustine Tackett
No Past No Future by Stevie Denny
Noble Princess by Cade Aaron
OBGWhyMe? by Amanda Sitko
Out to Lunch by Otis Hanks
Paid in Full by Stevie Ebner
Pay Up by Shawnda Arneson
Payment Due by Maryann Carpenter
Pick Up by Amy Sullivan
Playing the Palace by Alex Williams
Power Play by F. Ethan Repp
Power Tools by Leonard Tilley
Producers by Les Zig
Rain Dancer by Lucian Schaffer
Recovery Road by Rhiannon Cochrane
Reveal Source by Nasir Bone
Safe Danger by Lakita Saldivar
Safe Space by Thi Nguyen
Saving Mary by Dale Osgood
Scandal - by Noah Ladd
Scandal - Trading Secrets by Belle Leary
See the Light by Carmine Sale
Sharing Jaques by Steve Laurence
Shop Till You Drop by Ana Blendman
Silicon Valley - Backdoor Snooping by Leon Isaac
Silicon Valley - Data Serve by Kyrie Bliss
Silver Crossings by Aleksey Ageyev
Singing Sam by Josh McDonald
Skeletons by David Keeler
Sleepless Living by Erryn Hollar
Soul of the Nation_pilot by Jeff Shevlowitz
Spiritual Beginnings by Zac Davis
Squeeze Play (pilot) by Anson Early
Star Business by Pedro Flores Martin
Success Will Travel by Demetra Nussbaum
Swinging Both Ways by Kase Champagne

The Agents of Fortune - "Pilot" by Mac Cushing
The Americans - An American Dream by Silas Schulz
The Basement - "Home Gym" by Mac Cushing
The Big Bang Theory - by Zainab Greenberg
The Big Bang Theory - Don't Split the Atom! by Nathalia Chacon
The Big Bang Theory - Lie Detector by Ailani Mayberry
The Big Bang Theory, The Sticky Lingerie Mystery by Hamilton Mitchell
THE COLOR OF EVIL by Connie Corcoran Wilson, M.S.
The Commune by Campbell Dalglish
The Dark Stranger by Don Bookman
The Fallen- It Takes A Villain by Danielle Willsie
The Godson by Gary Koeppel
The Handmaid's Tale - "Seen Not Heard" by Emily Harper
The Noble Prince by Apphia Trautman
The Nutty Doctor by Brentley Saldana
The Nutty Policeman by Brentley Saldana
The Pleasure Kingdom (pilot) by Kaysen Aragon
The Silent Prince by Dash Foote
The Tall Dwarf by Christopher Johnson
The Trojan Horsemen by Ares Corcoran
The Venture Capitalist by Loris Herrera
The Walking Dead - Hope Dead by Zendaya Coley
The Walking Dead - Past Post by Ellison Whitman
The Walking Dead - Sane Among Men by Jana Bruner
The Wild Riders by Kevin Summerfield
THIS IS US -- 'First Loves' by Grant Stuart
Time Change by Oswaldo Hartwig
Time Switch by Lillian Marshall
To Be You, Again and Again by Aniyah Cannon
To Fight Another Day by Castiel Koehler
To the Halls of Montezuma by Shannon McCormick
Toxic Summer by Tyrique Martineau
Trailer Park Girls by Kali Cobb
True betrayals by Detra Larkin
Ultimate Collector by Charlie Saunders
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Don't Look Now by Duke Pickens
Under Pressure by Gracie Cummings
Veep - Madam Ambassador by Luka Earl
Vendetta Warning by Cameron Macias
Venus by Andrew Pinon
Virtual Love by Giancarlo Harlow
Virtual Love (Pilot) by Angel Norton
Virtual Romance by Fay Wade
Virtual Success by Shaunte Armendariz
Virtual Wealth by Mauricio Reiter
Voltron Legendary Defender - "The Mandela Effect" by Kelly Morrison
Who Are You? (pilot) by Alex Cruz
Wild Cherries by Thomas Khan
Wingdad by Eric Weber
Wish for It! by Olive Lindsey
Wishes Do Come True by Miranda Cemile
Your Life Began by Leah Wang
You're The Worst Spec "Topless in Eagle Rock" by Ellen Thompson Nemetz





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