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Kelly Alan Bancroft
  Second Place Winner


Kelly Alan Bancroft

Kelly Bancroft was born on April 19, 1977 and is currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from NAIT and is looking for employment. Crossing The Line is the first screenplay that he has written and is currently working on his next script. He has synopsis' written for several more films of various genre. Kelly is a big fan of movies and feels that he could make a great career involved in the creation process. He is hoping that entering this contest will get him the important recognition and contacts necessary to begin a screenwriting career.

I knew I wanted to be a screenwriter when ....

I realized how many movies were being made that weren't very good and that I
could entertain millions by writing a good movie.

I know I've succeeded when ........

When I've sold my first script.

When did you write CROSSING THE LINE?

I wrote Crossing The Line in the beginning of the year 2000.

What inspired you to write it?

I've always been interested in the concept of vigilantism and what type of person it would take to decide for themselves what's right and wrong.

How long did it take you?

Five months.

Tell us about your first writing experience (screenwriting).

Crossing The Line is my first screenwriting experience. It's an idea that I had been thinking about for awhile and I was finally able to put it into words with the help of a 'How To' book.

Who is your favorite Screenwriter and Why?

Quenton Tarrantino. His good guys aren't all that good and his bad guys
aren't all that bad.

What are your aspirations?

To create a character or characters that are so compelling that they live on
for many years. Like Gregory Widen did with Highlander and George Lucas did
with Star Wars.

When the creative juices stop, what do you do to get yourself on the
right track?

Start writing something else. Preferably another movie or a short story or
even a poem.

Where will you be in six years from now?

I will be a successful a sought after Hollywood screenwriter. (I hope)

11. Actors and Directors you would like to work with and why?

I would like to work with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas because their
work is the best in Hollywood and it would be great to work with people with
that much experience. and I would like to work with Mel Gibson because he
is my favorite actor, he can play many different types of characters.

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