Filmmakers Int'l Screenwriting Awards -  CALL FOR ENTRIES 
FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards  
Beverly Hills, CA -- Filmmakers today issued a call for entries to all screenwriters for the 16th annual filmmakers International screenwriting awards. There are three categories. Top 50 finalists to be read by the Radmin company; for production and representation consideration.
FilmmakersMag 1st TV Scriptwriting Contest -  CALL FOR ENTRIES 
Beverly Hills, CA -- Filmmakers today issued a call for entries to all screenwriters for the 3rd annual FilmmakersMag 1st TV Scriptwriting Contest. There are three categories.
American Gem Literary Festival -  CALL FOR ENTRIES 
Beverly Hills, CA -- Filmmakers today issued a call for entries to all screenwriters for the 13th annual American Gem Short Script and Literary Festival. Short script contest, Treatment contest and Short story contest.
FilmMakers Global Trailer Festival - Call For Entries

Hollywood, CA -- FilmMakers issued  a call for entries to all Filmmakers for the the third 'FilmMakers Global Trailer Festival'. 

The 2nd FilmMakers Global Trailer Festival Announce Winners

Hollywood, CA -- FilmMakers Magazine's second 'FilmMakers Global Trailer Festival' winners have been named.  Life in Kodachrome won the Emerging Artist Award for best Trailer.

Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards
Beverly Hills, CA -- Filmmakers names winners for the 15th annual Filmmakers Int'l Screenwriting Awards.


FilmmakersMag 1st TV Scriptwriting Contest News
Hollywood, CA -- Filmmakers names winners for the 1st TV Script Writing Competition. The second annual Competition attracted a total of 715 entries worldwide.

American Gem Literary Festival Contest News
Beverly Hills, CA --Filmmakers Magazine's 'American Gem Literary Festival' Winners have been named.



Beverly Hills, CA -- Filmmakers is pleased to announce the winners in the 15th annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Contest. Congratulations and salutations to all the winners and runners-up.

Brooke Purdy and Colette Freedman won First Prize and get to share the CASH award of $2,500 for their Fantasy/SciFi script "The Last Bookstore".

Logline: When the technological age has brought humanity to its brink, it is, ultimately five kids, their love and a book that can save mankind.

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Beverly Hills, CA -- Ron Podell won 1st Prize of $1,000 CASH for his short script "All Tapped Out", drama.

Logline: A tap dance instructor, haunted by personal loss, appears slightly unhinged. But, appearances are not always what they seem.

American Gem Literary Festival and Write Brothers are pleased to announce the winners in the 11th Annual American Gem Short Script Contest and Literary Festival. American Gem attracted a total of 1,123 entries worldwide.

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What You Need to Know When Shooting Abroad - One of the perks of being a freelance DP is unexpected travel to often exotic places around the world but you should know where you're going and what you're getting Into.

Giving Your Script a Fighting Chance to Reach Maturity - You’re staring at a blank screen. Is this the hardest part of screenwriting? The beginning? What about the end? Not the end of the script, but the end of the process, when your vision becomes a reality in the theaters and homes worldwide.

Top Screenwriting Software - What better way to start 2004 than to upgrade to one of the most popular screenwriting programs if you aren't using one already? Filmmakers tested some of the top on the market.

Independent Film Making - Making an independent film takes talent, ambition, knowledge, salesmanship, persistence and a bit of luck.

Film Editing - There is no common pattern for how long it takes to become an editor... It can never be stated enough that the feature editor must find "truth" in the fictional work in order to make an emotionally rich film.

The Film Director - Some directors say they must concentrate primarily on the inherent beauty in the narrative and dialogue patterns in the script. Other directors are... 

Cinematography: The art of painting with light - The primary responsibility of the DP is to create the mood and feel of the picture with their lighting.  It is the DP's task to fulfill the wishes of the director on how the film should look. 

Writing Treatments That Sell - If a screenplay focuses the story for a film, the treatment does the same thing for a screenplay. A treatment could be considered a written pitch...

The Film Producer - Richard Zanuck once stated, "The producer is like the conductor of an orchestra. Maybe he can't play every instrument, but he knows what every instrument should sound like." 

Writing a Great Screenplay - A script must be designed to be read easily, flowing from page to page in smooth transition.

Actors on Acting - For many actors, part of making characters and scenes most effective is by doing research.


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